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"All fountains retract to the bottom of the pool when not in use"













Now every swimming pool, pond or spa can be transformed instantly into a beautiful fountain with or with out being lighted or fibre optic and increase enjoyment during non-swimming hours.  Each of our Aquascope telescoping water feature products will retreat to the bottom when not in use. Our fountains offer endless enjoyment; from the serene lighted Fleur De Lis to our Bell Head water feature which will enhance any backyard pool, pond or spa. Our Aquascope telescoping water features also have the ability to be lighted by spot light or fibre optic. They are for either Plaster or vinyl lined pool or spa and retract flush with the bottom. We also offer a fountain spray ring; please contact us for more information on our Aquascope telescoping fountains or spray ring for your swimming pool, pond or spa.

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